About Sociatag

Sociatag presents businesses and brands with a complementary marketing tool that will offer their clients a more engaging and fun space, which in its turn will help them drive traffic, and allow them to better understand their customers’ behavior.

Sociatag helps brands and customers connect the physical activities with the digital world. How? Sociatag allows its customers to attach smart tags directly to their online profiles. Once these tags are linked to the users’ profiles, they can swipe them over Sociatag boxes to generate a wide variety of actions that are directly translated onto their online profiles.

Sociatag is a platform that allows you to monitor and inspire social engagement. Through the point collection system, Sociatag facilitates a loyalty program that encourages users to participate in offline activities while sharing their experiences online. In addition to receiving points with every usage, Sociatag provides for feel-good gift vouchers that users can send to each other. The gift vouchers are redeemed at the point of purchase with a single simple swipe. If you are looking to give your users something different and exciting, you can start a treasure hunt that rewards your fans whenever they complete a mission. These different promotions, which you can monitor very easily, help enhance your digital interactions with your fans and customers. We currently support Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare, but our social engagement family is always growing, and we will be adding more networks to our platform.

Additionally, the Sociatag photobooth is where customers can take photos and directly post them to their online profiles or to the brand’s fan page. Photos will appear with the brand’s logo and a certain design which increases brand exposure and awareness and at the same time offers customers with a fun and entertaining experience.

Sociatag have launched its new mobile application. With these simple steps you will have it up and running in no time.

  1. Register and login using a valid email or your Facebook account
  2. Connect to social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare and LinkedIn
  3. Sync your friends list from the social networks
  4. Add and manage tags
  5. Control Account Settings
  6. Scan Social Tags using the camera on your mobile
  7. Scan NFC enabled readers using NFC enabled phones
  8. Check your activity and what your friends are up to
  9. Get notifications about new connections, rewards or coupons

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